Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What type of french manicure looks best?

I am going to get my nails done and i am not sure what type of fake nail tip looks best. Should i get the regular curved tips of the flat kind of dented in tips. my fingers are long and skinny so which do you think would look best?What type of french manicure looks best?
whenever I do my own nails. I do my tips in pink! I think it looks cooL!What type of french manicure looks best?
I think french tips that are active length look the best on young and old. Your manicurist should be able to advice you on what will compliment you best. Ask her....or him to show you the different tips avail to you on the day of your appointment. And remember your nails are jewels not tools. Have fun
short curved tips
I personally like the curved tips. But if your nails are going to be short, then the curve wouldnt matter much because most of it will be clipped off. As far as flat kind of dented in tips, I am not sure what you mean. If you mean the ones with the well in the back, well even some of the curved ones have that. It is so the tip blends with your natural nail better and requires less filing.

If your natural nails are a bit longer than the tip of your finger, you may want to look into getting sculptured nails. That way if you want them a bit shorter with a curve, they can do it using the form. They are stronger than tips because the entire nail is acrylic. I have long skinny fingers too so i get them a bit longer and curved with the square shape. Make sure you use a topcoat with UV inhibitors (i use tammy taylor a coat) to keep them from turning yellow and they stay looking fresh.
well when i get a short set i normally get flat tip, and if i go a lil bit longer i get curved. i really suggest that you get a gel set. it may cost a lil bit more, but its a lot nicer and cleaner. And.. i get white tips, airbrush and nail polish chip all the time! .. have fun!
flat! I have the same type of fingures. Curved makes it look like you actually have claws. Trust me I get my nails done every 3 weeks.

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