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How do u give ur self a french manicure?

wat is the best way? do u need really long nails?

i saw the rimmel nail polish sets for french manicures are they any good?How do u give ur self a french manicure?
You don't need super-long nails for a French manicure, but they should definitely be a little bit long, because French manicures look stupid on really short nails. I would avoid getting the kits because I've tried them and they always end up looking lame. Here's how the pros do it.

1) Start off with the white tips. That way if you mess up, you won't have just wasted time putting the basecoat on and everything. Take a white polish, shake it really well, and squeeze as much excess polish off the brush as you can before painting the tips white from about 3/4 of the way up the nail to the very tip. Use vertical strokes instead of horizontal so your brush can follow your nails' natural pattern. Just do one coat, then let it dry thoroughly before putting on another coat if you wish, but I think one coat looks best-less gloppy.

2) Take an orange stick with cotton wrapped around the skinny tip or a Q-tip and soak it in nail polish remover, making sure to squeeze off all the excess. Run it straight across the point on each nail where you began the white tip (3/4 of the way up) so the lines are straight. Let that dry for a minute before doing anything else.

3) Take a really sheer nude, beige, or light pink polish (I prefer nude, but lots of people like pink for French nails) and paint your whole nail on each finger just as you would with any other nail polish. Go right over the white tip with the polish, because it is so sheer that the tips will still show through brilliantly. Just make sure you have squeezed all the excess poplish off the brush so it goes on very sheer with no glops. Let that all dry for about 10 min.

4) Finish with a clear topcoat. Make absolute sure everything else is dry before you put the clear coat on.

Hope this helps!!How do u give ur self a french manicure?
There are a few different ways, depending on the style. But I'll answer your questions first:

1. There is no best way. Choose whichever way you like doing and that looks nice.

2. You don't need terribly long nails. The longer, the better it looks, but you can do them with any length. In general, you want the nail that extends beyond your nail bed (and looks white) to be a good length, as that's what will have the white tips, but if they're not especially long you can fake it a little and extend the white onto the nail bed.

3. Not sure, I've bought a french nail kid just recently but haven't tried yet.

As for the nails themselves, there are a few styles. You can have a pinkish coat on your nailbed and white tips, you can have just white tips, the white tips can be curved or straight across, and you could use entirely different colors (red base with black tips, for instance.)

Painting the tips comes first. A lot of people use stick on guides to they get an even curve; if you're doing straight across, you don't need that. Let them dry and remove the sticker, and then you're done (and add a coat of nail hardener over that to seal it), or you move onto the next step if you want the base pink coat.

To do the base coat, you take your second color and paint in everywhere besides the white. Let that dry, then add the top coat, and you're done.

You can expiriment with colors, patterns, etc until you find a way you really like.
first, buy a fleshy/pink/beige nailpolish, a white nailpolish, and a clear topcoat.

paint your nails normally with the beige one and let them dry. then take the white nailpolish, and try to get rid of the excess drip by wiping against the inside of the bottle. a curve along the tips of your nails is nice, but for a diy job, sometimes i just make a straight swift swoop across the top to make them white and look clean.

it may take a couple of self-manicures to get a steady hand and figure out your own technique.

(also, to make them look extra clean, make sure you file your nails across, push back your cuticles, use a base before applying, and a top coat when it's all done)鈥?/a>

Try this, and no your nails don't have to be long. Just make sure to file/clip them the same length. Good luck.
Sephora has a french manicure pen! that is easy to use. Put on a clear base coat, a layer of nude polish and let dry in between each. Then draw the white tip with the pen, let dry. Another coat of nude polish, dry and finally your topcoat. That sounds like a lot, but it is okay as long as you are patient and let each coat dry. I give myself these manicures and people think my nails are artificial because they look so good.
They have kits at walmart and pretty much any of the kits that have the guide stickers work well. I have never tried the rimmel actually, but as long as it has the stickers that you place on your nail to guide you as to where to put the white then you should be fine! I dont think you need very long nails, the french manicure makes your nails look longer anyway!! Good luck and I know they'll turn out beautiful!
I think it involves a white flag and sheep being burned ...
you have to have steady hands.... and if your right handed be able to work good with your left hand when its time to do your right and vice versa... time... no interuptions... a calm environment... no distractions... and practice it takes time to master it.... the first time you do it yourself it looks like a 5 year old painted your nails lol, but over time everyone will ask you where do you get your nails done? Also they sell nail kits in Walmart or CVS that have the stickers you put over your nails to guide you... they may help you better
wat u do is that u go by the nails that u want and then put them on

then u paint yo nails with that manicure
unless you have good steady hands more power to you and do them yourself

unless your like me, go to the salon
first soak ur hands, and then lightly,softly dry them..then use the tool that pushes back cuticles , the cut them all the same height. then use a finger nail file maybe and even out the surface of the nail, then wash them again, gently, and dry...then polish clear, then the french white tip, and one more layer of clear on top of that.

if u really care about ur real nails, dont get acrylic nails put on, they jus leave ur nails brittle,ugly,and thin.
I'm not sure about the rimmel brand of french manicure, however you can buy a french manicure's white, and use it under the nail in order to give you the white tip, and follow up with a nude polish.
A steady hand, and patients,nose plug

that stuff smells so bad
There are lots of inexpensive kits available at most drug stores: look for the kits that have guides included and then be sure to wait for the nails to completely dry before removing the guides. I've used those kits (have no idea which brands--but all I've used turned out okay) and the nails looked fabulous. All the best to you!
You just do your nails like an arrogant coward.

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