Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do you do an at-home French manicure?

hi its easy u take a band-add cut the end off put it on ur nail a in from the eage pant the tip of ur nail with the colour u like then it is almost dry take the band-add off then let ur nails dry of awail the when dry pant ur nails alover with a clear nail polishHow do you do an at-home French manicure?
I agree I would buy a kit but good luck even with the kit is it is trickyHow do you do an at-home French manicure?
Go to Walmart and buy a french manicure kit. Everything you need is there. So easy.
sally hansen has a great kit, the white polish is a marker type application makes it very easy

and you can get it at wal mart
I have the most success with a 'nail art' white polish. It has a tiny brush, I found mine at Sally's beauty supply store, they have all different colors, but I bought the white and it is so much easier to get a clean look with the art brush. The standard brush head is too big to do it right (at least for me) I would practice on my toes first, to get used to it. Just do it free hand, put the white coat on first, so if you mess up you can clean that one up and move on. Then put a sheer pink top coat on and BE CAREFUL to let every coat dry in between, it takes a while, but it looks good when you are done. Good luck.

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