Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to do a self-french manicure?

I want to do the french manicure myself, and I need step-by-step answers!How to do a self-french manicure?
Before you start giving your nails a French manicure, make sure you have followed the general rule for putting on nail polish. You should prep your nails first by removing old nail polish with acetone remover. Then go and clean your nails and give them a trim.

Once you are done cleaning and trimming your nails, go ahead and apply a base coat to your nails. Keep this base coat thin and even. Afterwards, put a tip guide to your nail. This is supposed to cover the lower part of your nail as well as follow the curve of your nail tip鈥檚 natural white. When you are done with that, apply white polish to the exposed tips of your fingernails, and then let them dry. Keep the area that you will paint white thin. If you go too widely on the white paint, your nails will look chunky. Also, if you do not feel comfortable with stark white tips, you can use off-white polish instead.

When the white polish on the tips of your fingernails is dry, remove the nail tip guides thoroughly. And then, paint the entire length of your nails with a beige polish. Two coats of this polish may be necessary. After this, put a layer of top coat on your nails. This is the last step; after putting on the top coat, dry your nails and make sure they dry completely.

To extend the life of your French manicure and to keep your nails nice and looking well-groomed, you should make it a point to apply an extra layer of top coat on your nails every night.

For all its seeming simplicity, putting on a French manicure can get really tricky. Most drugstores and beauty shops sell readily-assembled nail polishing kits especially made for the French manicure. If you need extra help, you can find these kits very useful.

If you want to try out the French manicure but you are afraid to do it yourself, you can always visit a nail salon and have your nails done there. French manicure often costs extra than a regular polish because of the degree of accuracy needed for the job. It may be an expense, but it is worth it.How to do a self-french manicure?
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