Wednesday, February 10, 2010

French manicure on natural nails vs. French manicure acrylics?

I've been debating on getting a French manicure on my natural nails or if I should get an acrylics French manicure? I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I want the best look for me. I want something that will last but at the same time I don't want any damage to my natural nails. Can I have some opinions on this? Thanks!French manicure on natural nails vs. French manicure acrylics?
I wouldn't do acrylics again, there is no way they won't damage your natural nail, at least for a while, but...... since you're going on vacations for a couple of weeks, is maybe a option, so you don't have to worry at that time for retouching your manicure since the french style is vey easy to peel-off on natural nails, and whenever you comeback remove them inmediatly, on regular basis I do prefer very simple nails, short, clean and with a clear color, easy to keep...French manicure on natural nails vs. French manicure acrylics?
i love my acrylics and i also get a french because when its color you can notice when its growing out even like .00001 inch. acrylics will do damage to yoru nails- especially if you take them off yourself so i wouldnt say it would be worth the damage if you only wanted to have them for like a week or whatever. a nice frech manicure on your natural nails is always classy and cute.
My own nails have never been nice enough to have french manicure put on them...I've only had french manicure acrylics and I love them...they last longer than any paint on my reg. nails.
anything on acrylics will last longer. but personally, if you have natural healthy nails, I would go with those. acrylics are very damaging.
if you have very nice natural nails, I would do them on those. To me the only point of acrylics is if you have bad natural nails. I always do any fingernail treatment on my own nails.
It depends on your style, I've had both acrylic nails and natural nails, and personally find natural nails look prettier. However, for special occasions, I tend to put on acyrlics. Because you are going on vacation I suggest acrylic nails, only becuase they are a lot easier to keep up with, and they won't chip as easily. When your getting your nails done be sure to ask for the pink and white tips, it so great, no nail polish is used at all, so there is no worrying about chipping.

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