Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How can I achieve a easy french manicure look without spending alot of money?

I usually use white nail polish and then a peach color top coat but it takes alot of time and usually chips like, 5 minutes after I paint my nails. I don't want to get acrillycs because I have natural long healthy nails. How can I make my nails look better and/or do the french manicure thing without spending a ton time or money?How can I achieve a easy french manicure look without spending alot of money?
You could just go pay to have your nails painted. It's usually like 10 dollars. And for some reason, the way they paint it lasts much longer than what I can ever paint. Lol! The airbrush technique seems to last pretty long and is usually a dollar or so more to get done. There are those kits you can buy in Wal-Mart as mentioned by someone above but once again that's very time consuming. The best way to paint them is to do a base (clear) coat, then the white tips and then the pink/peach for the top of the nail and go over the whole nail with a top coat or two. Make sure you let each layer dry adequately. It will usually last you about a week or so.How can I achieve a easy french manicure look without spending alot of money?
I know people who get a white eyeliner and color in under their nails. It makes the tips of your nails looks whiter, but there is no paint. I think that can smudge and chip too, but it's much easier and faster to touch up.

I like to just file and buff my natural nails so they're shiny.
i dont do classic french, but i like having pink tips with peach base. which is something done like french.

what i did was to paint on the peach base, then pink tip, and a clear top coat. with a top coat, it will chip less easily.
Well they have this Sally`s french maicure kit! Its pretty easy to use! Ive done both my hands and toes with it. It has these stickers in it, you place them on your nail and just paint above it..theres no way you can mess up.

okay you buy a Sally Hansen's french manicure kit. and a bottle of a topcoat clear sealer. the kit is really easy to use it comes with stickers to where you want the line of white to be and you paint over it. it's that easy.

and when your done with the manicure part. let your nails dry for about 5-10 minutes and then put a topcoat on over it. it'll keep them from chipping and make them look shiny.

hopefully i have helped!
I do french nails on my toes my self and they never chip I only use the one brand and its called manicare, my finger nails have natural white tips they just grow like that. My friends all ask how I get them to grow like that and I told them I just love milk and 1 of my friends tried it for a month and she got natural white tips on her finger nails and they never broke or chipped.

but it shouldnt take you that long to do the french nails yourself. You should go across the nail only once to get the true looking affect, and then down and up with the peach/pink colour starting from the middle of the finger.

Hope that helped
French Manicures chip very easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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