Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are arcrylic nails with french manicure with black tips cute?

i am getting my nails done for the summer. im getting gel nails and i want to be different and get black tips rather then white does look okat. please be honest!!!Are arcrylic nails with french manicure with black tips cute?
I recently asked someone that question. But, really, it depends on who you are and your style. Some people think it's trashy. Depending on how classy you are. Some girls (like me ) Think it's really cute. And some girls just think it's ugly.Kind of like the whole thing with lipgloss being cute. Really though it kind of just depends on what kind of person you are. If you're super girly, NO. If you're girly and tomboyish,

YES. If you're super safe on style and what you wear, and shy, NO. But, if you think it's cute, go for it. Trying something new never hurt anyone. It could end up being the cutest thing ever. But then again it could end up being something you hate. Just try it.Are arcrylic nails with french manicure with black tips cute?
yes if you want it to be but saying i think it's pretty to but if that's not what you like then don't get it if somone elsewho got them and you are doing it just because it looks cool look i am just saying don't get it just cause som one else got plz say i hav the best anwser
use a different color than black for the summer. try a hot pink green or an orange bright colors are whats in style now not black .
cute but not for the summer, try pink
i do that all of the time

get silver glitter b/w the black an da clear

it looks mad cute
if your like semi goth .....then yes!
i say ugly

neighbor says pretty cute

it depends

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