Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Can I make my French Manicure last for a while?

I just got a french manicure on my natural nails today. I was wondering if anybody knows of anyways to make them last for a pretty good while. Or how long they typically last. Thanks guys!How Can I make my French Manicure last for a while?
Gosh...my french manicure on my toes has lasted a surprisingly long time...over a week now. But I think that's mainly because it's been a little cold and I've had to wear socks all the time.

On the other hand, my nails started chipping the second day :( I think that wouldn't have happened if I didn't do so many things that used my hands.

So my suggestion for you would be to not do any kind of activity that involves anything possibly chipping away your nail polish...ie: typing (use the back end of a pen instead! lol), dishes w/o gloves, scrubbing, etc.How Can I make my French Manicure last for a while?
Put a clear coat of polish on every few days. It helps seal in your color and prevents color chipping.
Apply top coat every two days
I have also heard to put a clear top coat on it every day, but after a few days it is just hopeless.
Keep them moisturized, don't do any heavy lifting, paint a layer of clear polish on it every night. It will last upto 2 weeks.
Wear gloves when doing household chores, cooking, gardening.[The kind of gloves they have at the doctor's office.]That for the most part will take care of it. And top coat with clear.

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