Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is the correct way to do a french manicure?

Do you do the white big first then the nude top coat,or the other way round?What is the correct way to do a french manicure?
A french manicure is very simple to do and its up to you which way you do it as both look great. Remember there are no rules when it comes to beauty!

Make sure your nails are on tip-top condition before applying nail varnish. Only file the nails one way as doing otherwise ruins the nail fibres, file them squared as french manicures always look best on square nails.

Apply a clear coat of nail varnish first of all as coloured nail varnish stains the nails yellow. next apply which ever colour you want either the white first or the nude coat first its up to you both look great. When applying the white coat make sure you do it in a straight line. Also give 2 coats of the nude varnish so it will stay on longer. Finally when its all dry apply a last clear coat and the varnish should stay on for over a week.

To keep your nails looking great eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water and milk.

Hope this helps!What is the correct way to do a french manicure?
and easier way to do it is put tape on the tip the apply the tip color

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First, you put transparent nail polish on. Then u put the nude top coat on.. then put the transparent nail polish on over that and finally put the white on over it and put transparent nail polish over that again.
1st you apply the base coat, then the white smile, then apply the top coat.
Prepare the Nails

Soak Nails

Prepare the Cuticle

Apply Cream

Apply Basecoat

Paint Nail

Paint Tips

Finish Off With Clear Polish

Clean Up Errors

Let 'Em Dry

Full instructions on the link below
shuv ur fingers up ur bum and let nature take its course
pay for somebody else to do it. Its like a fact only professionals or a select few can risk the dangers of french manicuring. I do not have this ability, sniff sniff...............sniff
put a soft pinkish coat on the base first, then the white and then a see-through coat on all over the nail.

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