Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's a good way to make boyfriend cut jeans look cute?

My mom bought me a pair, whats a good shirt or somethin to go with em? i have tons of tees and tanks, any good ideas? And what kinda shoes too.. i love flip flops, would that be cute? Any ideas are welcome, ive never worn this cute before but i think its cute, i just need the details lol

thanks!What's a good way to make boyfriend cut jeans look cute?
a nice fitted tee or some layered tank tops would be fine with the jeans. also the flip flops would be nice :]What's a good way to make boyfriend cut jeans look cute?
i love my boyfriend jeans!

you can wear them with almost any shirt, but make sure you tuck it in!

boyfriend jeans are supposed to be worn low, so wear a cool vintagey belt with it. i like this one http://www.fossil.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1%26amp;storeId=12052%26amp;catalogId=10052%26amp;departmentCategoryId=30000%26amp;categoryId=30003%26amp;productId=22103481%26amp;N=0%26amp;Ns=p_weight%7c0%7c%7cp_order_history%7c1%26amp;rec=2%26amp;pn=c%26amp;imagePath=BT3505231

i also love to pair my boyfriends with really feminine, long jewellery, just to jaz it up a bit

as for shoes, you really can wear them with anything. i dress mine for day with flats or gladiators, and at night i pair them with stilletos

hope that helped!
somthing that goes with it is a tank top and some high heels. lol but you probs wouldn't want to wear high heels like out with them, so i guess a pair a flip flops would go. but for a top use a tank top.
tight, fitted tops for a contrast with the loose fit jeans. i like layered tanks with a bright color like orange or pink, or lace to give the outfit a bold or girly look.
i like boyfriend cut

flip flop look cute with them if they are long enough.
yeah flip flops would be fine..wear a fitted tee from like american eagle or something

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