Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What color are good for a french manicure?

I get a full set when i get my nails done.

And i usually get the french manicure, white tip.

But i was thinking about changing it up a bit.

Any suggestions..pictures?What color are good for a french manicure?
well if ya wanna stick with the manicure

go black, hot pink, bright colrs, etc...!

or just look at wat they have already there! also stars, tuxedos, or just random stripes and dots are always cute but reasonable and will make ppl look and say *ooh cute nails whered ya get em?!*What color are good for a french manicure?
Any color works these days... especially on fake nails. Sometimes I do a different color on each nail with my French manicures. My fave color to use is Coral or black.
I like getting a black tip or hot pink
black base royal purple tip
i think anything that isnt natural looking looks trashy.

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