Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do I do an easy french manicure at home?

I love to do my nails but can never figure out how to do a perfect and easy french manicure. If you have any ideas please tell me... I'm desperate!How do I do an easy french manicure at home?
you can just paint the top half of all of your nails white, they do NOT need to be perfect or straight or anything. after that dries, take a q-tip and dip it into nail polish remover. take the q-tip and remove the nail polish on each nail until you just have the tip left.How do I do an easy french manicure at home?
ok so get sum sticky tape.cut a piece adjust it below the tip of nail with ur fingers n paint ur nail white follow this thing for all nails.its gonna be a lil hard 4 ryt hand nails i wud recommend to ask sumbody to do it on ur ryt hand nails.bye n good luck!
If you go to target they sell acrylic nails and the glue to put them on for about $4. They have them for all nails sizes and come in different colors of french manicures and some have designs.

They last for about 2 weeks.
You can buy kits at walgreens. It has guiders, and all the polish in great colours. You basically have to paint them a natural color, and then paint the tips white using the brush sideways.
umm at stores they sell this little kit with a french pen and all the stuff you need for a french, by sally hansen i think =)
at the beauty store, there are pre-made french manicure white ( tape -like) that works really well, almost perfect fm.

or go to a beauty salon .. it doesn't cost that much!
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