Friday, February 5, 2010

How to use a french manicure set?

Can anyone tell me how to use a french manicure set please, i dont have a clue where to start and what some of the items are for. Thanks.How to use a french manicure set?
Here is an excellent video on how to give yourself a french manicure :D Hope it helps.鈥?/a>How to use a french manicure set?
Well, you usually get 3 varnishes, one pink/nude, clear and white. First, apply a coat of pink varnish, when dry, apply another coat. Then, when dry, apply those stickers or guides at the end of your tips (if they are included) and use the white varnish to paint on the tips, or do it free hand if you have a steady hand! When all done and dried, get the clear varnish and apply (one coat is enough), this should make nails shiny and protect from chipping.
Well, what items are there? We need that.
First apply the nail stencils then leave to dry for about 5mins then take the stencils off and paint the pink over the top leave for 5mins and then apply the top coat.

Hope this helps.
you apply the white first to tip of the nail

there are prob. stips with it to help you

then the color coat whether its the natural one or the pink sparkly one

then a top coat

it should have the directions on there somewhere

and what i have is that skinny nail polish brush they use at salons to draw the white line myself..its alot easier and alot faster if you have a steady hand

andd its cute if you put a color line underneath the white line (right now i have black)
Je ne sais pas
1st use you plain color nail polish and then skin color after the first color dries and then use the white color on the part that is growing!
You would start with the base coat (which is normally clear or pink). Once that dries, there are probably stickers of some sort that are straight or curved. Put these at the natural part of your nail (or a little before) where the white part of your nail starts. They will help to keep the line straight where you are going to paint the white part of the nail. Now, paint the white part of the nail, using the stickers as a guide to keep the lines straight. Give your nails a couple of minutes to dry before removing the stickers. Remove the stickers and give another coat of the clear (neutral) base color over top the whole nail.

Finish off with a top coat or quick dry of some sort.

Good luck!
lol they always confuse me too! i think you star by painting on the white on the tips of the nails, then letting that try then painting on the peachy colour all over the nail, then letting that dry before adding the clear topcoat.

try practicing on one nail before doing the lot

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