Friday, February 5, 2010

How do you paint your nails a french manicure?

how do you do a french manicure with out a thin white tipped brush? i can't go buy one. thanks!How do you paint your nails a french manicure?
You need clear nail polish and the white tipped brush or else it isn't a french manicure!How do you paint your nails a french manicure?
if your nails are somewhat long and you can see where the nail stops from the skin then you can use that line as your guide, i use that all the time and use just regular nail polish,, otherwise if your nails are not long enough you can use a piece of tape to block off where you dont want the polish.
A way that i do it some times, is get the polish you will use, and paint it about 1/4 way down the nail. Then get a q-tip. Or a paint brush (something like that) and dip it in nail polish remover, then you can just shape your tip. hope this helped!! (:
I use tape, just regular tape and line my nails with it, to create straight thin lines. So this way when your painting with just those regular cheap brushes, you don't have to worry about keeping it even. Once the tape is off you will have a nice straight white line.

Hope i helped !鈥?/a>

She has amazing videos - they always help me out!
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