Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How much do you pay for a full set french manicure?

I pay 35 dollars and I think it is ridiculous, especially since they aren't good at doing it.

I got such a bad one today, that I'm going back and demanding they redo the entire thing.

So, what do you pay and where do you go? Need a new place.How much do you pay for a full set french manicure?
$20How much do you pay for a full set french manicure?
i go to the cheap asian chic in the ghetto.

its like 15 bucks their.
down here it is more than that, around 45 easy

( and if I could get a full set of french manicurists for 35, I would be so happy)



good luck

haven't been in a long time but a full set acrylic french manicure would be about 30-35. and that is the cheap asian place.
i pay 17 dollars
A decent one will cost anywhere from 25 to 35 dollars, depending if you get fake nails or just a polish change, which should only cost about 16.

There's this place my mom's friend owns, the L'Image, but it's not a chain, so I wouldn't count on finding one in your hometown.

However, I'm sure there's a better place than where you go if they charge you $35 for a horrible manicure!
i live in virginia and i go to City Nail and Spa..i got a full set french manicure today and it only cost me $18
Hmm. I went to a small place, not some high class well known, usually they tend to be cheaper.

I payed about $12-14 for mine.

And it turned out really well.

It all depends on where you go
did you get acrylic tips or just a french manicure?

French manicures are usualy ~10-24 dollars,

where as acyrlic tips are usually ~35-50 dollars.

The price depends on where you get them done, a mall place is usually cheaper but crappier service, compared to a ';high-class'; salon.
I pay 25.00

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