Friday, February 5, 2010

How long should a ProfessioNail French Manicure last?

I had a French Manicure done yesterday at ProfessioNail at Westfield Strathpine. The whole experience was quite weird in that it was like being served by a mute, the girl didn't speak to me the entire time, just guided my hands around like she couldn't speak, and now 24 hours later almost all of the white tips, on very finger, have chips in them. Is this normal or did I get a cr*p manicure?How long should a ProfessioNail French Manicure last?
Crap manicure!

My first time, mine lasted about 3 weeks, almost a month!

Some places are just horrible. The ones I got, the white wasn't even straight, and the white was thicker on some finger nails. I will NEVER go back there. Lol.How long should a ProfessioNail French Manicure last?
No, this is not normal, unless you are doing some activity that causes the tips to chip. If that is the case, then take a bottle of clear topcoat, and paint the nails, then make a small horizontal swipe at the top edge of each nail, onto the skin around the nail. This will help the polish to ';grip'; the nail. But if you are not doing something that causes chipping, this shouldn't be necessary.
Go back and ask for it to be redone properly or for your money back to get your manicure done by someone who will do it correctly.

Also, Always be sure to check credentials for any nail salon before letting them touch your nails. You can have a lot of problems if things are done wrong.. you don't want to end up with messed up nail beds or fungus or bacteria.
a french manicure can last up to 4weeks , you need to go back and get them redone free of charge as they should not of gone like that all ready also check they are qualified as i went to college to do all this and this is not normal
you got a bad manicure. sorry =/
a week and a half

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