Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do you give yourself a neat french manicure?

I have already tried fake nails but the glue is too messy and stickon's come off in seconds. I really like french nails and how they look but how do I do them?How do you give yourself a neat french manicure?
If your nails are a little long try tape!

Put down a piece of tape on your nails

Paint the nail tip with clear (one coat)

paint the nail the color you like

Seal the nail

VIOLA!How do you give yourself a neat french manicure?
you can buy a kit that has the white %26amp; pink polish and paint it your self. they also sell guide stickers that go on your nail to keep the paint neat, but basic scotch tape will work too, all you do is put the tape just below where you want the white tip to be on your nail. peel off the sticker while it still very wet or completely dry- anything in between can peel the paint off with it. it's not hard, but it may take some practice.
If you do not want to suffer through the mess of applying fake nails, or spend the money to have them professionally done (which can be really expensive) you can use a pretty, sheer, pale pink for your entire nail. Then, using a nail pen like the one liked below, carefully draw your tip. The pens below are awesome, I use them all the time, and touch-ups are so easy! And practice makes perfect too!


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