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How do people do French Manicure at home?

How do people do french manicure at home and i mean the ones with the white tips, I want to know because i dont want to always pay to do my nails and when i try using white nailpolish on my nail tips they always smedge or somthing. Is there any ways i can do french manicure without skrewing it up at, other than geting them done?How do people do French Manicure at home?
Getting a Perfect 10

If you're never quite happy with your at-home manicure, don't blame your skills with the brush. The condition of your nails and cuticles makes all the difference. The most common manicure mistakes to avoid are:

Mistake 1:

Filing nails in the wrong direction. Sawing back and forth with your emery board and going too deep into the corners can split and weaken nails. The fix: Holding a fine emery board at a slight angle to the nail, file from left corner to center for a few strokes, then from right corner to center. Smooth with a fine metal file.

Mistake 2:

Neglecting cuticles. Rough, ragged cuticles can lead to painful hangnails. The fix: Brush cuticles with a rich oil after your morning shower and before bed. Let oil soak in for a minute or two, then rub into cuticle. ';Oil penetrates better than hand cream,'; says Viner.

Mistake 3:

Cutting cuticles. Nipping away at your cuticles invites the risk of infection. (Your cuticles act as a barrier against bacteria.) The fix: In the shower, gently push back cuticles with a washcloth (the steamy water helps soften them).

Mistake 4:

Skipping base coat. Polish on bare nails can dry out the nail plate; and without a base coat, dark shades can stain nails or leave them yellow. The fix: Brush a moisturizing base coat on clean, dry nails; let the base coat dry for a few seconds before applying polish.

Mistake 5:

Leaving polish on too long. This, as well as too many layers of polish, dehydrates nails. And once polish begins to chip, it can peel away a superficial layer of the nail, too. The fix: Remove polish after five days; wash hands to rinse away remover, which can also be drying.

Do-It-Yourself Nails

8 tips for a flawless manicure.

Tip 1:

Check your polish. Old polish can become clumpy and thick, causing uneven application and bubbles. If your polish has become thick, add a few drops of polish thinner to the bottle and shake well. (Note: Don't use nail polish remover to do this!) Or treat yourself to a new bottle.

Tip 2:

Start with clean nails. If yours have traces of lotion or cuticle oil on them, polish won't stick evenly and will chip more readily. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or nail polish remover to clean the surface of nails before you paint.

Tip 3:

Begin with a base coat. A base coat smoothes out nail ridges, and allows polish to go on more evenly. A base coat also protects nails from becoming stained when you wear dark polish.

Tip 4:

Watch your brush. As you remove your brush from the bottle, carefully wipe one side of the brush along the bottle's neck. This removes excess, bubble-producing nailcolor.

Tip 5:

Apply in minimal sweeps. Apply color from cuticles to tips in three swipes: One in the middle, and one on either side of the nail. You may need to use more strokes, but keep in mind that the fewer sweeps of color, the more even the result.

Tip 6:

Clean up as you go. It's inevitable that you'll wind up with some polish on the skin around your nails. Use a wooden nail stick to quickly swipe away the excess as you go.

Tip 7:

Finish it off with a top coat. A top coat seals the polish onto your nails and gives a high-shine finish (which can camouflage streaks or small bubbles).

Tip 8:

Allow ample drying time. Set aside at least an hour of hands-off time for nails to dry. And remember that while they may feel dry to the touch after that time, nails can still be tacky and more prone to nicking for a few hours afterward.

Hope this helps, for further info go toHow do people do French Manicure at home?
i saw one at wal mart the other day. it was like a french manicure nail pen. it came with stencils to outline the tip. It was only 8 or 9 $.Hope i helped!
i tried and the kits are a piece of crap
yes, buy a Kit!

they come with little stickers that mark the shape and limit to paint the white part and when it's dry you remove it and paint on top the pink part or whatever.
There are kits that you can by. Avon has a nice one.

Good luck
Try the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit.
Walmart has a french manicure kit that already has the tips painted.
Get a white nail pen and draw a white line on the tip of every fingernail! it looks good! I do it all of the time! Then when it dries, paint over the whole nail with clear polish so the nail it shiny and the white part stays on longer!! Have fun!
For the white tip, you need to put a piece of paper right at the tip of your nail, just below where you are putting the nail polish and then apply the nail polish. This way, it will not get all over.
Tried it once but hey it's better to leave it to the professionals.
They have kits that show you how to do them perfectly and they give you the special supplies with it you should find it in a beauty supply stores,and sometimes in Eckerd.If you hot further questions please feel free to email me.
ok do what ever color you want frist then get a toothpick and with white dab on the white in the line you want then just fill in to the end of the nail
i do it at home sometimes really easy. sometimes i do em at the salon. put on a coat of base top. then put white polish on the tips of your nails do that to all your nails and then go back over it again. then get some acetone and a clean paintbrush. put some acetone in a little bowl. dip the paintbrush in the bowl and move your paintbrush under the white strip make straight tips on your nails. when your done put some top coat over it.
ok well i know of two simple ways: (1)white out right on the tip then with a clear nail polish coat nails with, i would say 3 coats. (2)or you can get tape and stick it every where on your nail except where you want the tip then get the white nail polish and paint the area uncovered then onced they are dry then coat them with clear nail polish about 3 coats
first you buy the little nail polish bottle the Chinese people be using and just draw a straight line across your toes or nail u can also use any color but remember to take your time and use clear polish for the shine
You should try Salley Hansen French Manicure Kit, it's great and it cost like 5 bucks.
the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit is great for french manicures at home. give it a try, cause its kind of hard to screw up wit this kit.

good luck (:
I grow my nails out...then go buy the manicure paint set from Wal mart...everyone always ask me where did you get your nails done...in the kit it has step by step instructions on how to use it.
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