Friday, February 5, 2010

How do you do a french manicure?

I am not very good at painting my nails but I don't want to go and get a french manicure and pay a lot for it. What is the best (and easiest) way to do one and have it still look good?How do you do a french manicure?
u don't have to do it at a salon. u can do it at home. get a french manicure kit. it contains the nail polish and nail files u need. first u file ur nails. then apply a base coat i.e the transparent polish. then a light pink shade. on the tips of the nail apply the white nail polish and then again another coat of the transparent polish.

or u can buy fake french manicure nails by revlon. they look like the real deal.How do you do a french manicure?
go buy a french manicure set at a drugstore somewhere, it doesnt really matter, but you have to get nail guides. they're fast and very easy to use. first, put on a clear basecoat so the manicure lasts longer. put the adhesive nail guides on your nail, and paint with the white polish. DON';T WAIT TOO LONG TO TAKE THEM OFF! they will crack. but dont take them off too soon bacause they will run, and the polish will still be tacky. it takes practice to find the perfect time to take them oof, depending on the humidity of the environment. after they are completely dry, do 1 coat of the pinkish color. only 1 coat because you dont want the white to be overpowered with pink, but softly accented. finish with a topcoat. good luck!
You don't pay a lot for it... Just polish or even an airbrush only costs about $10.00 just a bit less than buying the polish kit you need to do it yourself which almost never comes out as good as if you pay to have someone do it for you the right way.

Call around and ask for prices on just a french without tips... you'll be suprised.

Just don't let them talk you into getting tips. That is what is expensive the french acrylic.
Use nail polish remover

Soak nails

File nails

Paint a base coat

Paint a light pink coat on TWICE

Paint tips whites

Paint a top coat
1. apply white nail polish to TIPS of nails only.(this is easy to do if you start at one side and stroke on a slant to the center, then do the same on the other side)Fill in the middle ';V'; shape you just created, being sure to follow the curve of your nails.

2. smooth the curve with a small (and I mean tiny) paintbrush dipped in nail polish remover if necessary. Allow to dry.

3.apply one coat of pink nail polish over the entire nail. Allow to dry. (Use a light pink shade if the skin is sallow)

4.apply one coat of quick dry.

5.sit and be patient! a french manicure takes longer to dry.

6.Flaunt your fancy fingers and show your friends.
I haven't done this but I've seen it done with great results... get one of those white out pens from the stationary dept. at ?walmart... it being a pen to apply with gives you better controls...

hope this helps...

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