Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do I do a perfect french manicure at home?

Well, when I get my french manicure at the salon, it only looks perfect for two days and it's not really worth it when I can do them at home and they stay perfect for 5 days. So I did my nails last night. They look pretty good except I messed up on my right hand of course. What kind of brush do they use at the salon to dip in polish remover to shape the tip? If I do this will it also remove the base coat?How do I do a perfect french manicure at home?
The brushes they use at the salons are pretty much just paint brushes. You can get an inexpensive watercolor brush at Michael's and give it a shot. However, yes, you will remove some base coat using this method which is why it requires a quick, practiced hand. I do have a suggestion though- at most stores (i.e. Walgreens, CVS) they have French Manicure kits etc... which include the key to the perfect bottom line. There are small stickers that go on each nail, they are perfectly rounded and if you get them on nicely they work wonders. Sometimes you can buy them seperately. I LOVE them.How do I do a perfect french manicure at home?
Get the Oprah Winfrey's five minute manicure set. It is apparently brilliant.
I'll tell you what, I was at Walgreens once and they have a french manicure set with a white pen for the tips! Its AMAZING!! I keep the pen in my purse and whenever the tips start to chip I take it out and fill in the chipped parts and it looks GREAT! And its not that fake paper-white color, its just off-white enough to look good.
Get a frenchman to help you

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