Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How can i give myself a french manicure?

I love the white tips but i don't want to go to a salon! Are there any easy tricks to use to get that straight line they do perfectly?How can i give myself a french manicure?
They have cheap kits at places like Wal-Mart and Walgreens. They give you little stickers to put on the tips of your nails in order to paint them white. It also comes with the pink/nude polish for the back of the nails. Good Luck....it's easy.How can i give myself a french manicure?
First you need to make sure you have these items:

1.) Polish Remover

2.) Nail Brush

3.) French Manicure top and bottom

I love to give myself a french manicure and first you get off ALL of your polish and then you get the nail brush and put soap on your nails and brush!!!! Next get a paper towel or paper and polish. Cut the paper into little curves and then place them a little under the white nail put the polish on. I know its confusing and its hard but thats what i do.
first, paint your nails with a clear coat. then apply the white tips, then apply another layer or two of clear nail polish.

sorry, i don't really know any special tips. i do my own french manicures, and really the only thing i can tell you is that practice makes perfect!
First apply 2 coats of white polish. Let it dry in between. Then Use a fine brush and acetone. Slowly removing the white polish to create a happy smiley line.

Then apply a coat of base cost.

Apply 1 or 2 coats of light see through pink or beige polish or whatever you prefer.

My suggestion - Bubble Bath from OPI - a beige colour

or - Sweet Heart from OPI - a pinkish colour.

Or a pink clear polish and paint over your nails but not the white tip.

Or you can put clear on top and then Top coat then your done.

Patient and precise

you get use to it after a while, to make that perfect smiley line
get white nail polish and remover and clear.

1st paint clear

2nd paint a little white (its okay if it messed up)

3rd use the remover and make the white as thin as you want it
use painters tape or the strips they sell in stores to paint a perfect tip.
use papper and white-out and just put a clear coat on after
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