Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is the difference between regular manicure and french manicure?

I noticed different prices when I went to the nail salon the other day, Regular manicure - $15, French Manicure add $17.. what is a regular manicure? I'm new to the whole going to get the nails done thing, so I'm not sure what the difference is..

Also - what does it mean when they say you need your nails 'filled' in 2-4 weeks?What is the difference between regular manicure and french manicure?
Regular Manicure and French Manicure is the same. The only differences is French Manicure you will have French Polish. Which is white tips and a coat of beige or light pink or clear over. Making it look like natural clean nails. Regular Manicure you have a choice of nail polish colours or nothing.

If your having acrylic, you will need to come bak 2-4 weeks. They apply a tip on your nails to extend the length, using acrylic powder and put a coat over to create a natural looking long nail. During 2-4 weeks time. Your nails will be growing and will be pushing this out, which cause a lil gap close to your cuticles, which will look not that nice, so you have to come back to get that section filled.What is the difference between regular manicure and french manicure?
french manicure is when the tips of your nails are painted white (%26amp; the rest of your nail looks natural/pink).

regular manicure is when your entire nail is painted one color.

getting your nails filled only applies to people with fake nails (or fake tips).
a french manicure consists of that light pink color with the white tip at the very top of the nail and a regular manicure is one color light just a red color nail polish
a manicure is just a basic color. french manicure is a tip at the end, can be any color

french manicures also take longer to do
French ones have the little white tips....i think.
regular manicure/pedicure is painting of the whole nail. like all red.

french manicures/pedicures are just the tips painted.. costs more because it takes more time and the painter has to be more precise.

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