Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What do you think about french manicure on toes?

I just thought it would make my toe nails look long. Gross! I have cute feet and I get compliments on them all the time. But my concern is that it would look tacky and money wasted for a pedicare.What do you think about french manicure on toes?
Pedicures are worth the money. Its not only about the color its a great way to get them groomed, cut, and to get the dead skin off of them. I go every Friday to get my toes done. Its worth it, trust me! (But it also depends on where you go.)What do you think about french manicure on toes?
I think that is the worst look for feet. It just makes the nails look long %26amp; gross, Just get them painted regularly or maybe with a pretty design or something.

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i think french manicures are really cute just for the hands if you wanna get your toes done just get a solid color
I think its sophiticated, fun and ever-so ladylike!
I like french manicures on toes. But that is just my opinion.
Oh I think it looks really cute, especially if you have cute feet. I always get french manicure on my toes
CUTE!! i love french manicures,pedicures,and tips!
I think they look goofy. Besides, longer is not better when it comes to toe nails.
I think that totes look nice with white tips. You wont have to get pedicures as often with the french because as they grow out you wont see any white and the base of your toe nail since it will already be clear polish. Bad part is that they chip easily.
It looks too cute, go for it . I find it classier than some other off-the wall colors
cute... classy... always in style. i have had it done for years!(as long as it is done well! a bad pedicure can ruin the look!)
i think they are disgusting. it looks like someone who didnt cut their toenails for 2 months.
If you get a good, quality pedicure, it will be nice. It goes with any season and style of dress, and matches everything.
If you have cute toes than stay away but I have very ugly little stubby toes so I dont leave the house with-out them. I have a salon and do my own so it costs me nothing. Try buying them and putting them on your-self the first time and if you like them and think they look good. If they do then start having them put on professional.
I think if you keep your feet clean and moisturized and your nails trimmed it looks good.

If you don't then why bother.

I have seen some pretty nasty feet with french toes.
NO. Actually they're rather beautiful, especially if your nails are clipped to just in line with the tops of your toes. I have now seen press on artificial nails for the toes in store, so you can try this before spending a bundle on having yours done. Have fun.
No it actually looks really cute. Make sure you put a design on your big toe also.
depending on the season I think it is very beautiful.. my neighbor has hers done like that and I love it..definatly dont have to change the color of your polish as often with those sandals
It's deff cute.. I just got mine painted bright pink with the french!! It looks great for the summer!
I think it looks really classic , it never goes out of style. I looks clean and sophisticated as long as you get the ';original'; french manicure . If you get a french maincure with colors like... paint your toes pink or orange (any color) and then get white tips it looks really tacky . Stick to the original and your toes will look great.
I think a french manicure on toes is cute - and you don't have to waste money on a pedicure if you do it at home. If you go to Rite-Aid, they have this white stick that you use for nails. One side is to push back cuticles (makes nails whiter at top), and one is a pencil you use under your toes. Push back your cuticles, color in the back of your toenails with the pencil, and your toes will look wonderful. Good luck!

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