Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What do you like better: french manicure or brightly colored nails?

Also do you suggest doing acrylics or fake nails or natural? (I'm not really the type of person to do my nails too much, but I figured I'd try something new and see if I like it)What do you like better: french manicure or brightly colored nails?
if you wanna be different, bright colors!

more classic, french manicure.

i personally love both.

%26lt;3What do you like better: french manicure or brightly colored nails?
dont get acrylic nails

type in ';acrylic nail damage';

in google and see what you find

fake nails are too fake lol

too many people can tell

theyre not real

just go natural!

its the healthier way to go =]

especially when u have

nail strengthening polish

underneath or on top

i myself like to go french

the bright style never really

appealed to me. =/

french shows class and

sophistication. plus i am

girl %26amp; preppy so it helps

to go french for me.

its also acceptable in school!

but it all depends on ur own taste.

so do whatever suits your

style best. good luck =]
french nails ;D
Bright! French gets boring, some people are afraid to experiment.

I love acrylics, but gel nails are best if you're going the fake route. Of course natural is better but I just can't grow mine.
I couldn't agree more, Sexy Love! I'm a nail tech too, and I hate the comments from all these people who go to discount salons, spend like $20 for a full set, then complain that their nails are ruined, or that they hurt, etc. You get what you pay for. You pay for cheap nails, you get cheap nails.

She is so right - an experienced tech will NOT damage your nails.
depends on my mood but mainly brightly colored. you can just get manicure for your natural nails, but sometimes I like the acrylic.
chicks with french manicures are hot... go that way
depends. colored nails are fun and edgy, but a French manicure goes with anything and is really pretty and classic. i do both.

And do natural. fake nails are trashy and acrylics really screw up your nails (but if you MUST, do acrylics over fake nails) If you don't do you nails too much, DON'T do fake or acrylic because, as I said, it will really ruin your natural nails and take forever to grow them back out. If you french manicure don't go all out and ghetto (actually, you can only do ghetto french manicure if you where fake nails). have fun with it!
french. Natural.
brightly colored nails, you
eww i hate french manacure

when everyone likes something i hate it

like everyone i knew loved blue i liked it to now i hate it

so now everyone is saying french manacure i say go with britly colored nails you dont have to go with what everyone says go your own way

and french manacure is for the french

if you get what im saying(joke)
a french manicure

but whats reall cute

is if the tip is like pink or blue(:
french manicure
french manicure
french probly it looks more classy and unique!!

french manicure is the best. It just looks so classy.In fact, I am wearing them right now.
It depends on my mood. Mostly I do bright colors. Also i like to do my french in different colors as well. I dont agree with the people who say dont get acrylics because they damage your nails. I am a licenced nail technician and I feel that when people say that it gives us a bad rep. If you go to an experienced qualified person your nails will not be damaged at all.
I personally prefer French manicure, but I don't like Acrylics and don't recommend them, because you have to maintain them all the time, you have to get them fill in every 2 weeks or less, if you don't plan on maintaining them, then keep it natural, because if those acrylics don't get fill ins they will look ugly.
i love colored nails, because you can change it up...but when you have acrylics you can't really do nothing with it...
i personally like french manicures, but only on square ended acrylics. i dont like fakes and they fall off all the time. acrylics are good if you get them done @ a reputable place. natural nails can pull off bright colors w/ the right outfit. and acrylics will usually hurt a bit the 1st couple days then they are fine.

Hope this helps!!

brightly colored no fake nails they are a pain and not even that pretty
it depends what look im going for, if im wearing something nice and sophisticated then i would probably go with the french manicure, but if im going to a friends party then i would probably wear some bright color. i get fake nails every once in a while, i got acrylics about a month a go i like to get them sometimes. :]]]
it depends on the kinda the way u wanna b looked at...

fake French will make u b look on more seriously then somebody with pink natural nails. Natural is more youthful and fake is adult like.
French for sure., Seems more classy to me and goes with everything!

Also, If I didn't have nails that grow like weeds I think i'd go with the Acrylic. They are stronger and easier to fix.

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