Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is it possible to do a french manicure on urself?

i keep trying to do a french manicure on my fingernails but it always turns out looking like crap, especially my left hand. need help!Is it possible to do a french manicure on urself?
of course it is possible to do it yourself, if you go to the store and get a kit to help you with the lines of the white, you can do a better job on your nails, I have been doing my own french since it cost too much to get it done for years except I do not need the kit since I am a manicurist for 15 yearsIs it possible to do a french manicure on urself?
well of course it's possible. if you're good at it, it will look good. otherwise, it will look bad, but you've still done it, haven't you?
Yes, Sally Hansen makes a french manicure kit that comes with everything you need. It also includes strips so that you can get the tips perfectly white.
yes but you should take classes on that in order for it to look good and you do it right plus you could get on career on that who knows!
yeah, at walmart they have these strips you put on your fingers and you paint white on top of it . Then you peel it off and do a natural pink on top of it.

the strips really help make the white on top relly neat.

Good Luck!!
It's possible, but not advisable.
Sometimes the stickers are hard to find,and tape works just as well

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