Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How long do my nails have to be for a french manicure?

My nails are not past the tips of my fingers yet. Is that too short?How long do my nails have to be for a french manicure?
yeahhhHow long do my nails have to be for a french manicure?
Like 3 feet.
u should try 2 grow them a little but they can do it like that with a thinner line is all
Just past the ends of your fingers:)
They need to have some white showing.
no you can still get your nails done it doesnt matter how short they are
if the nail people can do tiny toes, they can do tiny finger nails!

it's a layer of paint on the top...so they can be any length!
well it depends on the shape of your nails but there has to be at least two millimeter of white tips
That's not too short. The white will just be painted over the flesh colored part of your nails. Afterwards your nails will look longer.
any nail past the pad of your fingertip is worth being painted and can be but below is just clear for now as it be not preeety
They can still do it but it wouldn't look as nice if you waited until they had grown out some.
you could get em done but theyll probably fall off before you get fills and would have wasted your money so you shold wait
I think that you should ask a nail technintoin at a nail salon. Then take their advice.
You can get them but they'll look better if your nails are a little longer. Or just get acrylics. Whenever I get a new set, they always clip my nails so they're super short anyways so you can definitely get them done and they'll look great. And I keep mine just past the tips of my fingers because of work %26amp; still get a french manicure %26amp; they look good.

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