Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do I give myself a really nice french manicure at home?

I wanna know how. I'm 13. I dont want to pay for a manicure but want my nails to look nice.

Help?How do I give myself a really nice french manicure at home?
I'm 13 too! And we all want our nails to look beautiful, right? I got a Sally Hansen Nail kit for Christmas and it came with a skin color nail polish, clear color nail polish, and a white tip pen. I believe it came with the tapes too, but I don't use the tapes. I just paint my nail with the colored polish, then let it dry a bit (it dries pretty fast), then use the tip of the pen and dab it on all the way around the nail and once you get good at it you can just drag the pen along your nail, after that I put the clear coat on and let it all dry. It doesn't look absolutely perfect, of course nothing will unless you go get a professional one, but it looks really good. I have friends compliment on my nails. I hoped this helped! =)How do I give myself a really nice french manicure at home?
I recommend practice. q-tips and a small detail paint brush for lines. If your white line isn't straight pick a bright color and do a middle line to hide it. It's trendy and very creative. Good Luck!
the sally hanson house nail kit. it has a sheer pink-ish color, white, and clear. and it has this little strips that you use as a guideline for painting the tip. i got it for christmas. ^-^
Im 13 tooo! hahaa well what i do is i paint the under coat that would go below the white then wait for it to dry then i put tape over my dry polish and patit white so its even.
Get one of those home kits. They work great!
its hard...practice makes perfect. they sell sally hansen do it yourself. or orly is a bit more expensive
you asked this a little while ago didn't ya?

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