Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How can I do a good french manicure by myself and make it look good?

I have done french manicures on myself all the time. But everytime I do it, the white tip is always uneven and sloppy. How can I get a professional looking manicure without going to the salon?How can I do a good french manicure by myself and make it look good?
At beauty stores they have french manicure stickers that you put on your nail before you put the white on. It is foolproof.How can I do a good french manicure by myself and make it look good?
i just want to say the stickers are out and me out Hedy your answer was good 3 month ago ck out the new french tec. brush away if you like french mancure you will love oulalabebe french kit.

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Watch this how to vid. http://www.myfatpocket.com/nai鈥?/a>

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When I don't have the time or money to really go to the salon I buy this kit from CVS that has little strips in it and it makes the manicure perfect. It comes with both colors and the little strips. They REALLY help.
You can go to a salon and get it done (if you just want paint) for about $8. Otherwise, you can buy sticky things that you put on your nails, which leave a finished edge.
Wow! See I don't think that's possible. When doing a task like that you need some assistance. But none said professional. Don't you know anyone who can help you. If Yes, how about you try style guides. Well I have to go! Choa!!!
you can get french manicure kit-thingies at your local rite-aid/cvs/walgreens/whatever! they are probably no more than seven bucks a pack. basically, they're little rounded pieces of tape that you put on your fingers for a better finish.
Hi omg... First file and shape your nails. Second = wash your hands. Then paint the tips, on one hand, with a good white opaque nail polish. The put some nail polish remover in the cap and get a small brush that has short, stiff bristles but not long. Then, upside down, dip the brush into the remover and brush away the ';bad'; part of the white, while you are shaping it to the desired size of tip you want. Continue the same on all you nails and then polish one or two coats of a sheer color like pink or beige for french manicures. Hope this helps and go slow. Happy painting :D
use tape
Put your finger on the table, and keep the brush still but twist your finger to the side so the tip gets evenly coated. The brush doesn't move and you have greater control and can do a straighter line. Use 2 good pink base coats and then 2 good clear coats on top, and paint underneith the finger nail aswell.
get the sally hansen (1.46$) nail whitener. Its a crayon tht you put under your nails. Finish it off with some fast drying clear nail polish, i do it all the time and it looks fabulous
umm do as i do... professional salon hun. get a good one. runs at only about 300$

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