Tuesday, February 2, 2010

French Manicure?

I can never get the white tips straight when I do an at-home french manicure. Any suggestions?French Manicure?
Try masking tape! Seriously, let the top coat dry well so it doesn't get tacky, but masking tape will peel off easily and you'll get that straight line! Don't forget the coat over that one :)French Manicure?
try using those little sticky guides you can get at the drug store. I find that using a tiny nail brush works best though, and honestly all you can do is practice.
Get some tape and put it on there so that only the part you want white is exposed, then paint.
put tape over the top part of your nails first, paint over it and pull the tape off before it dries [so it won't peel off] %26amp; be careful so it wont smudge
Draw the white tip line with the finger nail polish, then get about a cenimeter wide paint brush and dip it in nail polish remover, then go under the white tip with it to make it strait.
I'd go to a nail place and have a professional do it. Otherwise it's really hard and easy to mess up.
Yep -- masking tape. Cut an inch-long piece into ten or twelve skinny strips (twelve twelve in case you waste a couple) and place them along where you want the white polish to stop.

Apply polish as normal, and remove the tape while it's still wet so you don't leave a little ridge. Then when the ends are dry finish with your top coat.

Never fails.
When you put them on don't hold your fingers straight out, bend them into your palms and put them on that way. Hard to explain in writing
use a cheap eyeshadow brush. dip it in nail polish remover and shape the white part by cleaning excess mess ups off.
You should put a thin strip of tape at the tip of your nail to keep the nail polish fromg going all over the place .

Wait till paint dries, then remove the tape.

And there .

paint like the whole tip white (like a lot) then use a Q-tip with nail polish remover to go underneath (farther down oin ur nail) to clean it up this way u can have it as thick as u want!
use tape
go to a nail salon and get them to paint them or get a stencil and do it that way. =)
do the white tips before you put the top coat. try not to make it too thick at once. then with a thin makeup brush put a little acetone on it and clean up the line. IF it's easier for you - use stickers like the painting tape...it'l give you a boundary.
get a paint brush like the ones they have at the nail place, put the polish on and it doesn't have to be perfect, pour polish remover into the cap of the bottle and dip the brush in it, carefully remove the polish by sliding the brush across the nail. it'll look really good
go to a nail shop in a mall or somthin? have someonelse do it for u

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