Friday, February 5, 2010

Do You have to have long nails for a french manicure to look nice?

my nails are kind of shorterand so will a french manicure look nice on them?because usually when i see ppl with french manicures,they have long nails. and if so,whats a good french manicure kit?cuz i dont have enough money to spend at a salon for it.Do You have to have long nails for a french manicure to look nice?
get opi nail envy (the original green one)

save up for a jar of ';one minute manicure';... its a lil expensive but it lasts a really long time. it makes your hands really really soft and naturally exfoliates the cuticle

and tweezerman porcelain nail file (optional) i just prefer cuz it seals the nail so it doesn't absorb water and get weak.

after i bought those 3 things i no longer go to the salon to get 35 dollar refills for acrylic nails every 2 weeks. every week i file my nails more square, completely remove the nail envy, use the omm, wipe the oil off my nails with a q-tip %26amp; acetone, and then apply 2 coats of nail envy. then 1 coat every other day. (sounds way more complicated than it is cuz it only takes me like 5 minutes) my nails are seriously as strong and glossy as acrylics w/ a natural french look. everyone thinks they are fake.Do You have to have long nails for a french manicure to look nice?
you dont have to have long nails to have a nice french manicure. It just depends on the person to whether they want their nails to be long or not but i was say go with nails that are medium length
you can get fake nails ppl that u c probly have fake nails too if not it wld look fine on your regular fnger nails my friends have done if you want you can get a pair of short fake nails you dont have to get them ridiculously long!
Hmmm...... Go to your nearby CVS,brroks, Rite aid, walmart ect. There plenty of kits there. You can also put on fake nails you can get at like CLAIRES or something. But if you dont wana put fake nails on short nails are OK, no one will really notice.

I've seen some nice french manicures on short nails. I say go for it.

Sally Hansen has a nice kit that has the nail polish colors, nail guides, and a white manicure pen to help make a decent line.

Or you can buy the nail guides and the nail polish separately to customize the colors you actually want.
it looks really good on short nails. It gives it a polished professiona look. I agree with the girl above me. Sally Hansen has a really good one
Dont spend your money at those places unless its for your feet feels so good.All a girl needs is some nail polish makes them shine and stronger.

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